Saturday, August 13, 2011

Olivia Wilde: My nude scene with Daniel Craig was wild and scary

EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Wilde has revealed that standing in front of Daniel Craig and a big group of other actors naked in her new blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens was 'scary' and 'wild'.

Craig plays cowboy Jake Lonergan who has to deal with an alien invasion in 1873 America while Wilde stars as his mysterious love interest Ella Swenson.

In one scene, Wilde had to stand naked in front of Craig and a bunch of other actors, an experience she describes as 'intense'.

'I wasn't totally naked so that helped. From one angle we shot I had a bandeau bikini on - nude coloured - and from another angle I had tape on the front covering my breasts so my back could be bare,' she told in an exclusive chat.

'But it's still scary to be standing in front of Daniel Craig in underwear and tape.'

Olivia's character Ella is seen stepping out from a fire naked while Craig's Jake has to check she's still alive.

Wilde said: 'I had to stand there being very unselfconscious because Ella has no awareness of her nudity.

'She doesn't really understand why it's offensive or shocking so she walks out of this fire and she's naked. I couldn't stand there holding myself in an anxious way.

Olviia added: 'It was kind of a wild experience because Daniel has to stand there and look me up and down to check if I was real before covering me so that was a pretty intense moment.'

Cowboys & Aliens, which premiered at London's O2 Arena last night, is out on August 17.